The Online Open House closed on April 4th. Responses are currently being reviewed.

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Developing an Affordable Housing Strategy is a high priority for Bellevue’s City Council. Based on previous public input and guidance from a technical advisory group, city staff has developed five draft strategies, each with a range of supporting actions. Collectively, these strategies and actions represent an integrated holistic approach toward making housing more affordable in Bellevue.

What are your thoughts on the draft strategies? Your insights and perspectives will inform the final draft Affordable Housing Strategy, which is scheduled to be presented to the Bellevue City Council in spring 2017.

Thank you for participating!

Did you know?

Many of those who work in Bellevue, especially retail and service workers, cannot afford to live in Bellevue.

A 2015 survey of local businesses found that all business sectors rate Bellevue low on affordable housing options and over 40% reported difficulty finding trained and qualified staff.

One of every seven Bellevue households spend more than 50% of their income on housing and almost a third of senior renters spend more than 50% of their income on housing. These households must make difficult choices about basic needs and are more at risk of becoming homeless.